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Auto Guard Pro

Auto Guard Pro

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Meet Your Quick Escape Hammer!

In emergencies, every second is vital, and our hammer is your lifesaver. With a robust tungsten steel head, it smashes windows instantly and works underwater. The built-in seatbelt cutter adds extra safety, while its sleek design ensures ease of use.

How to Use: 

For the Hammer:
1. Remove the cover.
2. Apply force to window corners.
3. Escape through the shattered glass.

For the Seatbelt Cutter:
1. Grab the lanyard and remove the cover.
2. Align with the seatbelt edge and push forward to cut.


Our hammer guarantees precision and speed when seconds matter most. Stay prepared and prioritize safety.

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How to use


Is it dangerous to use?

No, absolutely not. Everything that could be dangerous is protected with heavy-duty plastic.

Does it work with every car?

Yes it does, it's compatible with every car on the market.

Why should I buy it?

If you value your life than this investment of under 15 Dollars is definitely the right thing for you.

How long is the shipping time?

Its between 10-30 days